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How to send an email/message

6 Steps to send emails/messages:

1.Start Your Email with a Greeting Beeing polite is very importand in businees So you are probably thinking, Where do I start? What greeting (salutation) should I use? Being polite is important in business. Keept it simple. For example : Hi (first name) or Hello Mr.Ms. (last name) If you do not know the person – you should use the formal greeting: Hello Mr./Ms. (last name). If you have no name than you can use: to whom it may concern.

2. Tell The Recipient Who You Are When you write a message on Facebook or you contact a business person on instragram or you send an email, please start with your name and where are you from.

3. State Your Purpose for Writing Now state why you are emailing and write an explaining what you want.

4. Give Useful Details Please provide useful information. If you contact us – we need – after your name and your location - how tall you are, if you have experience with modeling, and yes – we like to know how you look! If you have a Facebook Profile or Instagram Account please send us a link.

6. Close the Email Finish your emails with: best, regards, sincerely, or have a great day - followed by your name.

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