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We have over 20 years of professional modeling experience and knowledge regarding fashion show organization, runway training, model coaching and as a modeling school.

Fashion shows are all about the right organization, planning, energy, excitement, music, selection of models, location, choreography of the event and much more.

We are  dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible solution to create a memorable event.

We are the perfect team for you, if you are promoting or launching your own clothing line.

We work with international models around the world and we have our own modeling school. We organize and plan every step you need to have the best rewarded fashion show. But first you have to know your budget.

Than we can start with following decisions:

1. Decide on our place, date, and length  for your fashion show

2. Know you target Group for your event

3. Co-operation with outer designers or (classes, hand bags, shoes etc.)

5. Advertising your fashion show event 

4. Layout and length of the catwalk, sort out light and decoration 

5. Selecting models

6. Hire Hair and make up

7. Choreography, selecting of the right outfit and fitting for your fashion show event

8.Runway rehearsal with the models 

9.Hire a photographer and videographer for your fashion show event 

etc - etc - etc 

We also offer online workshop/ class how to organize a fashion show. 

Basic online knowledge - how to organize a fashion show

1 hour    - $ 180

3 hours  - $ 550 

Your fashion show will be a great reward for you and your company. Let a pro organize every little detail!

Send us an email and let me know how we can help you with your next fashion show.












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