Your Agency need compcards/set-cards to send to their clients. This is important! Yes - these days it goes also digital but you need them if you are going to casting or go sees. Some model manager / agencies or casting director and even clients are "old school". 

Order our...


For men you need to be 6 feet and for women, 5´9 tall. But you sitll have a chance to get into commercial modeling! 

If you are 5´6  it is possilbe to get jobs for print / commercial advertising. It is much harder - but possible. 

Keep in mind - if you apply to be a run...


Learn to do your own make up. Sometimes there is no make-up artist at the runway show or photo shoot. It is always good that you learn new skills and that you are able to do your own make-up. Specially in these days - when the business of the model industry is not in the b...


The most important thing is: good pictures! If you dont´have the best picture - than it will be very difficult to get a job, or a good agency. 

You have to submit some pictures to apply for a model agency or a manager. A good picture, the perfect pose for you, the right lig...


6 Steps to send emails/messages:

1.Start Your Email with a Greeting
Beeing polite is very importand in businees So you are probably thinking, Where do I start? What greeting (salutation) should I use?
Being polite is important in business. Keept it simple. For example : Hi...


Follow instructions! This is so important. If you are unable to follow instructions than you are in the wrong Business! 

It all starts with READING from  top to the end.

emails, contracts and much more  

- from listening what your model Management tells you to do

- form your a...


You think your kid / Teenager has "the Thing" to be a child / teenage model? 

Contact us and you learn step by step what you have to do.

1. you Need some good Pictures. this can be done without a big Budget!

2. you Need to submit the pics to agency 

3. do your re-search

4. Alwa...


Get in contact with us and you can apply to get all the Information you need about how to organize a Fashion Show. 

this can be done in Person or online via Skype

#modelingschool #fashionshoworganization #London #Manhattan #nyc #losangels #atlanticcity 


Arrange our onlne model Management. Send us your emal and let us know a Little bit About you.

What are you Looking for?

Do you have experience? 

Where are you located?

how old are you ?

how tall are you ?

do you have already a model book/Portfolio?

Do you have a Facebook page ?


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