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1 day / 8 hrs runway training in our modeling school

1 Day/8hours Intensiv Runway Training

We teach you the basic about how to walk the runway in 8 hours (1 Day) with basic choreography for fashion shows, techniques of motion and

gesture for a commercial photo shootings incl. facial expression and basic posing in front of the camera. Get more confidence!.

Your model coach , fashion show trainer, modeling school between London, Manchester, Dublin, Luxembourg, Paris, Milano , Barcelona, Dubai

Our Model Development and Training Workshop is the fist step towards becoming a Model and attend at our fashion shows.

We have over 20 years of professional modelling experience and knowledge regarding fashion show organisation and Runway Training .

During your Workshop, all your questions about modelling will be answered, fully aware of how the industry is run and organised and also how to work in the modelling business, along with advice for attending interviews for auditions with Photographs,Agents and casting Directors.

Your goal is to become a Model

or only get more self esteem

This is the place where you will learn the things

You need to know.

  • How to become a Model

  • Types of modeling

  • Rules of modeling

  • Walking the Catwalk

  • Techniques of motion and gestures

  • Facial expression

  • Posing in front of the camera and much more

Contact Us Today!

If you would like to attend our next model training and confidence building workshop please email us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Model Workshop in London

Los Angeles and New York


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