Follow instructions! This is so important. If you are unable to follow instructions than you are in the wrong Business! 

It all starts with READING from  top to the end.

emails, contracts and much more  

- from listening what your model Management tells you to do

- form your a...


You think your kid / Teenager has "the Thing" to be a child / teenage model? 

Contact us and you learn step by step what you have to do.

1. you Need some good Pictures. this can be done without a big Budget!

2. you Need to submit the pics to agency 

3. do your re-search

4. Alwa...


Arrange our onlne model Management. Send us your emal and let us know a Little bit About you.

What are you Looking for?

Do you have experience? 

Where are you located?

how old are you ?

how tall are you ?

do you have already a model book/Portfolio?

Do you have a Facebook page ?



Please have a great attitude and be  professional, patient and pleasant to work with.

Photo shoots can last for couple of  hours  or  even weeks.

No one likes a diva or a bitch on the set or on a fashion show 


Be able to take rejection and constructive criticism. Don´t take cristicism personal.

Modelling is highly competitive. Sometimes you won’t be right for the  job.

The trick is to pick yourself up and take rejection as something to build upon,

rather than let it  knock you down...


Please read before signing any contract on the dotted line. If you've impressed your management, photograph or agency enough to get an offer, take a deep breath before doing a celebratory dance and signing a contract. Please do not sign anything without reading first!

Do yo...


Anyone can walk the runway but a good  walk requires practise and perseverance. Mastering the various aspects of body language, posing,

and confidence are key to a great runway walk. Your elpful media applications include: YouTube, Facebook, and Fashion Shows, Catwalk Train...


Always confirm whether or not there will be a make-up artist on your photo shoot or fashion show. Please look through fashion magazines and practice the looks you see on yourself and other model . Then invent your own looks and perfect them. You have to be  able to apply m...


Be professional,fun, not moody,  polite, and courteous. Please - always show up on time to any appointment or shoot.

If you're late becauce of traffic, or an accident  or  you are rude, word soon gets around and then nobody will want to work with you.

Your modeling sch...

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