You think your kid / Teenager has "the Thing" to be a child / teenage model? 

Contact us and you learn step by step what you have to do.

1. you Need some good Pictures. this can be done without a big Budget!

2. you Need to submit the pics to agency 

3. do your re-search

4. Alwa...


Get in contact with us and you can apply to get all the Information you need about how to organize a Fashion Show. 

this can be done in Person or online via Skype

#modelingschool #fashionshoworganization #London #Manhattan #nyc #losangels #atlanticcity 


Arrange our onlne model Management. Send us your emal and let us know a Little bit About you.

What are you Looking for?

Do you have experience? 

Where are you located?

how old are you ?

how tall are you ?

do you have already a model book/Portfolio?

Do you have a Facebook page ?



Try to get TFP (timefor print) pics. That means that you get prints of a CD / stick for your time of modeling.

Contact us if you like to know more About it.

Arrange your onlne model  Management.

#modeling #modelworkshop #modelingschool #singapore #Hongkong #London #Dubai #Man...


Modeling is not about you - it is about your Client! As a model you are payed to do a Job. 

if you like to argue about the make-up, hair-style, cloth or product - than you are not wanted

in this Business! Every Body is Looking to work with a calm and easy to talk model 


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